What Is 304 Stainless Steel?

09 May, 2023

Stainless steel is a widely used material in various industries due to its exceptional properties and versatility. One of the most common stainless steel grades is 304 stainless steel. Let's learn more about 304 stainless steel according to this article.

What Is 304 Stainless Steel?

304 stainless steel is a popular austenitic stainless steel alloy containing high levels of chromium and nickel. It is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and versatility, making it suitable for a diverse range of applications. The 304 in its name alludes to the alloy's particular composition, which indicates that it comprises around 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

NO.8 Mirror Stainless Steel Coil Manufacturers

NO.8 Mirror Stainless Steel Coil Manufacturers

Composition of 304 Stainless Steel

The composition of 304 stainless steel is carefully balanced to provide its exceptional properties. The main elements present in this alloy include:

Chromium (Cr): Chromium is a vital component of stainless steel, contributing to its corrosion resistance. The chromium percentage of 304 stainless steel is normally approximately 18%, providing a protective oxide coating on the surface that resists corrosion and tarnishing.

Nickel (Ni): Nickel improves 304 stainless steel's corrosion resistance and hardness. Nickel, which has an estimated composition of 8%, also helps to the material's capacity to tolerate high temperatures.

Carbon (C): Carbon is a critical component of stainless steel, and the regulated quantity of carbon in 304 stainless steel achieves the required balance of strength and weldability.

Manganese (Mn): Manganese is added to increase the material's formability and strength, as well as its resistance to corrosion in particular situations.

Silicon (Si): Silicon helps to improve the scaling resistance and oxidation resistance of 304 stainless steel at high temperatures.

Heat-Resistant Stainless Steel Coil Supplier

Heat-Resistant Stainless Steel Coil Supplier

Properties of 304 Stainless Steel

304 stainless steel exhibits a unique combination of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties that make it highly desirable for numerous applications. Here are some of the most important features of 304 stainless steel:

Corrosion Resistance

304 stainless steel demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance in various environments, including atmospheric conditions and mild chemical environments. It is resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and staining, making it ideal for use in harsh situations.

High-Temperature Resistance

304 stainless steel exhibits good resistance to high temperatures, allowing it to maintain its strength and structural integrity in elevated temperature applications.

Strength And Durability

304 stainless steel has a balanced composition that provides high strength and durability. Because of its strong tensile and yield strengths, it can sustain huge loads and mechanical stresses.

Customized Stainless Steel Coil Manufacturer

Customized Stainless Steel Coil Manufacturer

Formability And Fabrication

304 stainless steel is easily formable and can be fabricated into different shapes and structures. It is adaptable to a variety of industrial processes since it can be cold-worked, bent, welded, and machined using normal procedures.

Hygiene And Cleanliness

304 stainless steel is simple to clean and maintain due to its nonporous surface and corrosion resistance. It is commonly utilized in sectors requiring strict cleanliness standards, including as food processing, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

Aesthetic Appeal

304 stainless steel has a smooth, polished surface that gives it an appealing look. It is frequently utilized in architectural applications, ornamental goods, and household appliances.


304 stainless steel is a versatile and widely used alloy that offers exceptional corrosion resistance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for reliable stainless steel companies, XINGUANGYUAN is ideal for you. We are not only a stainless steel sheet factory but also a stainless steel coil factory. Order and get more details from us now!

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